Brilliant centre. Both our kids loved it there and still do when they go for vacation care. Staff are all amazing. The transition to prep was wonderful it really feels like the kids are ready for school and the graduation ceremony is the cutest.

Ben Wilson

All the staff here are very friendly and welcoming, since my son started 2 months ago he was shy, non verbal and I was quite worried about his development, but now my son can wave “bye”. He has become more independent,Wanting to be more involved and I find he’s even starting to repeat words now!!! Where as before he struggled, I cannot put into words how happy and proud I am. Thank you to each and every staff member here, you have all made such a difference to my son,You are all wonderful!!

Shannon Lowes

The educators at the centre are always extremely friendly, supportive & helpful. They have amazing programs & extra curriculum activities. I highly recommend this centre.

Crissy Dennis

We recently enrolled in the service. As a new family we have found the educators very welcoming and accomodating. I liked that they offered us play dates so my daughter could become comfortable with her new surroundings and teachers.

Adrian Bailey

Marsden Early Learning is the one the best childcare my kids as ever attended, my boys struggle to fit in at the other childcare but when I have enrolled them to Marsden EL within a week they were already used to the environment, now they are so excited to come everyday and develop stronger bonds with the educator and children, my twin boys zep and zec start with using nonverbal communication and within a month they started having full conversation and showing more confidence in they learning, I will continue to support Marsden early learning and recommend it to all my families because the staff are brilliant and very welcome x

Ayaa Scovia


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